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Your Well-Being Matters

The health and wellness of our guests and employees is our first priority. That's why we wanted to take a moment and share with you what we are doing to be extra vigilant amid peak flu seasons, variant outbreaks and continued concerns around Coronavirus (COVID-19). Please know our regular health and hygiene practices provide the best defense against the spread of most contagious diseases.
We continue the use of masks for the safety and protection of all patrons, on an intermittent basis, according to guidelines provided by the CDC and Los Angeles Department of Public Health. When active, masks are required in all public areas:  Lobby/Reception and the Relaxation & Pedicure Suites.  Masks are not required in the Changing Suite and during some treatments or services (see below). However, please keep in mind these are required compliances but more importantly, the Health and Beauty industry has to make substantial policies for the continued health and safety of both client and employee.  At any given time, while within the facility, any staff personnel can provide you with a compliant mask. Listed below are all services and their mask compliance.
SERVICES (Mask Requirements)
Enhancements: Masked
Facials: Masks not required
Massage: Face down (masks not required), Face up (masks required/therapist’s option)
Nails: Masked
Waxing: Only for wax services between the nose and décolleté. All other treatments require masks.
Wraps/Scrubs: Face down (masks not required), Face up (masks required/therapist’s option)
Our therapists wash their hands with antibacterial soap between every client, in addition to washing their hands frequently throughout the day.
Our tools and equipment are washed using antibacterial soap after each use, then sanitized using a phenol-based disinfectant that kills micro-bacteria, viruses and bacteria. Tools are rinsed, dried and stored in clean, covered cabinets. Additionally, we also sterilize tools used in performing manicures and pedicures using medical-grade autoclaves.
All linens are laundered using hot water and hypoallergenic detergents in washers and dryers that operate at high temperatures.
Body Oasis Day Spa cleans and sanitizes all spa areas and surfaces nightly, using hospital-grade, antibacterial disinfectants.
In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have increased cleaning protocols related to high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, handrails, keyboards, plumbing fixtures, remote controls,
lockers and more.
We also encourage our team members and our guests to stay home and to see a doctor if they feel unwell for any reason.
These changes have been implemented to ensure a healthy, safe, nurturing and positive experience during your treatments and stay here at Body Oasis Day Spa.
We continually strive for excellence and welcome your comments and feedback.
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