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This highly effective FDA approved GX-99 machine quickly breaks up cellulite and discourages the orange peel dimpled look.

Highly recommended in a series.

  45 Minutes $85.00
    Teeth Whitening
Now You Can Have A Brighter, Happier Smile. LED Technology Combined With A New Enhanced Whitening Formula, Helps To Safely Lift Coffee, Tea, Yellowing & Red Wine Stains Off Of Your Teeth Without Sensitivity. Brightens Between 2-4 Shades In One Session!
  30 Minutes $99.00
    Seaweed Body Wrap
Discover How Great You Will Feel After A Snooze In A Warm Detox Wrap Of Moisturizing Minerals And Clays That Have Been Painted All Over Your Body.

Following A Refreshing Shower, You Will Enjoy Your Peppermint & Chocolate Body Rub.

Add A Hydrating Facial $45.00

  1 Hour $89.00
    Power Nap
Count Sheep Insomniacs As Your Body Is Snuggled In A Tea Steeped Blanket Of Relaxing Chamomile, Lavender & Rosemary. Inhale Deeply A Soothing Blend Of Sleep Encouraging Aromatherapy Oils While Listening To A Guided Meditation CD That Incorporates Delta Frequencies To Help Encourage Peaceful Deep Sleep.
  45 Minutes $85.00 
    Chocolate Cake Body Wrap
Cocoon Yourself In A Guilt Free Wrap That Starts With Body Brushing To Encourage Circulation And detox. Next, Warm Moist Towels Are Used To Wipe Dead Skin Away Before Being Spoiled With A Decadant, Warmed Chocolate Oil Massage And Blanket Wrap.
  1 Hour $99.00 
  Booty Beauty Butt Lift
Does Your Tush Need A Little Lift? After A Derriere Cleansing & Polish Treatment, We Strategically Place Vacuum Therapy Suction Cups On Your Buns To Encourage Circulation & Blood Flow To The Area. This Helps Flush Out Toxins, Minimize The Appearance Of Cellulite And Enhance Volume To Your Glute Muscles, Rather Quickly.
  30 Minutes $99.00

Inch Loss Wrap
Can't quite fit into those jeans? Relax in our Alpha-33 Dry Sauna Wellness Capsule after inch loss bandages prepared in a slimming brew are compression wrapped around your hips, thighs, buttocks & tummy to encourage burning those extra calories.

Add Express Facial $50.00.

  45 Minutes $85.00 
  Inch Loss Wrap Buy 5, 6th Free!
Achieve longer lasting results with this series. Weight loss bandages prepared in a slimming brew are compression wrapped around the thighs, hips, buttocks & tummy to encourage inch loss.
  (6) 45 Minute Sessions $425.00
  Earth Ritual Wrap
Become one with nature as your body is dry brush exfoliated then painted with a mineral enriched chamomile and marine algae mask. This is the perfect antidote for dry, dehydrated, undernourished, moisture starved skin. Clear your mind while napping in a cozy-swaddle blanket wrap. Includes a full body aromatherapy rub down and scalp massage.

Add Express Facial $50.00. 

  1 Hour $99.00
Cupping Therapy Is Excellent As An Add On Session To Your Massage, Or As A Stand Alone Service. If You Suffer From Deep Muscle Soreness, Chronic Pain, Or Stress, Cupping Has Been Known To Be Very Effective.

Suction Cups Are Strategically Placed On Areas Of Soreness To Create A Vacuum That Pulls Toxins To The Surface So That They Can Be Released.

  Anti-Cellulite Buy 5, 6th Free!
Achieve more long term effects with the series! This highly effective FDA approved GX-99 machine quickly breaks up cellulite and discourages the orange peel dimpled look.
  (6) 45 Minute sessions
  Full Body Spray Tan
We have the best technician applied air brush tanning system on the market!

No alcohols, preservatives or orange tones, just a natural looking tan that wears 5-7 days. Ask about our extra bronzer or Gold Shimmer Overlay!

It is highly recommended that you exfoliate your body, wax or shave prior to this service! DO NOT wear lotions, oils, perfumes, colognes or deodorant, the day of tanning.

*Attire Suggestion:Women should wear a full or partial bikini. Men should wear swimming trunks or briefs. If you are having your face tanned please DO NOT wear any make up. Bring loose fitting attire to wear after treatment and a scrunchie if your hair is long.

  30 Minutes $55.00
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